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Cultivation and production of excellence

Cultivation and production of excellence

The “Musanegra” project was born from a dream spanning three lives: in the post-war period the Dean Giuseppe Musacchia started working on the vast plots of local notables and, with great sacrifices and privations, began to buy the first lands with the hope of freeing himself and start cultivating the first vineyards. He was joined by his sons Vincenzo and Salvatore who gradually managed to expand the company.

Since 2017, the estates are managed by grandchildren who decide to close the supply chain with the construction of a company cellar to make their own grapes through the most modern technologies. Our corporate philosophy, in fact, is reflected in the quality, care of the vineyards and attention to the integrity of the grapes that arrive in the cellar, musts and wines, to obtain characteristic and representative flavors and aromas of our territories.

“Ho sacrificato tutta la mia vita per non far sentire più le urla di un padrone ai miei figli! E voi, ora che potete, cosa siete disposti a fare per non diventare come lui?…”

Nonno Pé

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